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How to Make a Fabric Basket

It used to exist more fantastic ought eat fabric baskets instead of wooden baskets or elastic basket. It could regulation because a good house décor also because its creative basket function. of lesson it won't exist limp because wish because you conduct because how ought cause a fabric basket shows below. Cotton fabric is glued with hot melt cannon inside the fabric baskets. This is the major conflict because its firm structure. The most difficult step because the sum making process lies at the binding of body and bottom. accordingly allowance much attention ought this procedure when you chase how ought cause a fabric basket.


1) chop the fabric

2) chop a circular cardboard because supporting the bottom of basket, the size of circular depends above how big basket you will make; chop out inherent square fabric larger than the circular cardboard (outside fabric, cotton lining, adhesive interlining, and inside fabric).

3) lay one sheet of adhesive interlining at the opposite phase of the exterior fabric and inside fabric; add two pieces of cotton lining amid two pieces of fabric; become the square bottom with hot melt gun; iron the bottom.

4) follow across the cardboard; chop out a circular fabric bottom without seam allowance.

5) chop out the fabric because body (the length of exterior fabric and cotton lining is your diameter of bottom× 3.14 + 1.5cm; and the inside body fabric is nearly 3cm longer than the two).

6) cause the body

7) lay adhesive interlining onto the opposite phase of the exterior fabric; put cotton lining above the adhesive interlining; cover the inside fabric above cotton lining by gluing; assign excess inside fabric averagely at both ends because binding; iron the body fabric.

8) Sew the body fabric ought a tubular table with 0.75 centimeter (0.3 in) seam earnings at both sides.

9) choose stripe fabric; running stitch across edges of both body and bottom.

10) chop out the redundant fabric; finish the binding.

11) Seam the basket

12) link the body and bottom by sewing with zigzag stitches.

13) Zigzag stitch the body and bottom; ensure small gap amid each stitch.

14) Sew the skin handles because the basket.

15) Then a fabric basket with handles is finished.

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