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How to Find Uses for Fabric Scraps

Do you eat a box or bag of fabric scraps? conduct you want a justification to possess them hanging around? Here are some ideas though making some useful (and some not-necessarily-useful-but-still-fun) things out of those favorite scraps!


1) Make a pillow. Scraps create an perfect base though pillows (cushions). You can too bit different scraps together to figure a crazy pillow, or you can use scraps to create an applique above a honest background bit of fabric.
  • A sheet cat pillow
    Another thought is to create an animal shaped pillow from scraps, though shown can this image.

2) Try an applique. Applique is impartial stitching shaped pieces of fabric onto other fabric. You can create the compose though silly though imagination though you want. Applique can decorate a pillow, wall hanging, apron, quilt, or almost any fabric project.

3) Sew a fabric flower. Fabric flowers are useful though many purposes, such though making hair accessories, dressing up clothing, making a floral steamer item, or using to decorate something you eat made, etc.

4) possess your shoes smelling nice. Shoe stuffers are large though keeping shoes fresh, and they too create marvelous gifts or stall sellers though a bazaar.

5) Keep your closet or dresser drawers smelling nice. if you want, you can too use contents that possess away moths and other insects.

6) Make a pin cushion. Any leftover scraps can exist turned into a beautiful pincushion.

7) Make a scarf. Scraps can compose one-of-a-kind scarves that competition your favorite clothes colors, or create marvelous gifts.

8) Make a decorative mat. sheet fabric mats are perfect though tableware, specially merry though using outdoors though al fresco dining, or though homes with a inhabitant country theme.

9) Decorate though the holidays. Scraps can exist used up can everlasting ways though the vacation season, from tree decorations to Christmas stockings.

10) Protect your iPod. iPods are responsible to scratching without a cover; instead of buying one, simply create your hold from your favorite colored scraps.

11) Give a competence can a cloth bag. A cloth bag made from scraps is an perfect cover though a competence and your recipient can reuse the bag though another competence or though storage.

12) Make a new bag or bag. Patchwork purses are only and special, specially when you create use of your favorite colors and patterns from among the sheet fabric. Tote bags can bring everything from groceries to library books, displaying your favorite scraps though trait pieces.

13) Try making a quilt. Quilts originated from seeking ways to use up scraps to create hot bedding. It is cottage an perfect mode to create the most of favorite scraps of fabric.

14) Add a ruffle. Ruffles are large though adding to a mount of items, including clothing, tablecloths, curtains, doll's clothing, artist trading cards, sheets, and more.

15) Make a stuffed animal. Fabric scraps are improve though making stuffed animals. You can too use favorite old clothes that can no longer exist worn besides that you can't experience to isolate with - depart it alive above though a favorite stuffed toy!

16) Make a puppet. Puppets are a near cousin to stuffed toys, and, depending above the design, too simple to make. Decorating a puppet is too an occur to use fabric scraps. You could applique or glue above eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and hair. You could too clothes up your puppet with fabric scraps. if you don't sew that much, a scarf or shawl is a too simple addition.

17) Make a clothesline coil basket. This is a too simple sewing scheme that uses sheet fabric abridge into strips.

18) Ask your crafting friends what they use their scraps for. Everyone has their hold uses though scraps - maybe even earn together and use up your scraps though a group! if you'd alike to division your creations, conceive leaving the instructions though your new creations above wikiHow.

19) agreement them to a appointment anxiety center. They can exist used though crafts, and the children understand the different colors and textures.

20) compose a mend swapping group with some friends. It is an simple mode to earn pieces of fabric can the colours, textures, or patterns you want though a project. This is specially useful with quilting patches. impartial earn some friends together sum with bags of leftover fabric and begin making deals and swaps.

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